Simon was the apprentice to Horuko and his most favorite. After accompanying Horuko to one of his Ancient meeting and feeling the presence of all Ancients (except the King of Hell) he then began vigorous training to reach their level and constantly failed. After getting obsessed with power he then removed as a member of the Tribunal. He the created his own organization the Union to oppose the Tribunal and the Acolytes. Throughout the years he has been discreet until the death of Helios and Aqua (both revealed to affiliated with his organization). He then began attacking the newly combined Realm, the Realm of elements which caused him to confronted by elemental leaders Iroh, Tetrock, Quash, Feryuga and Zekric which he easily killed. He was then pursued by the son of Zekric, Kyric and the son of Feryuga, Ganryu. He then waged war against Horuko, Tribunal and the Acolytes to become the replacing Ancient for Horoku but was killed by Kyric (possessed by Götterdämmerung) and Ganryu (possessed by accursed one).


  • Superpower Manipulation: He can manipulate all powers such as granting, erasing and/or replicating powers.
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