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Esentially reality warping however others around you will not be able to see most of your warpings.


The user, is able to through his/her eyes warp reality like normal. However, through the eyes of others they will not be able to "see" the effects of the warpings. This applies to both things that ordinarially be seen annd things that wouldn't be seen. In other words for example, if the user warped it so that he/she was invisable, those around him/her would still be able to see him/her. If the user simple changes an object into something else, the ojbect to others would still appear as the original object.


  • auto invisble creations.
  • Other realty warping abilities


The user is limited to a certian degree of sight. Only the warpings effects or absalutes can override this limitation.

Warping effect Example: If the user creats fire, it at the start wont be seen. However, due to the nature of fire and how it grows on it's own, it will be seen eventially.


The absalutes are basicly things that will always overide the sightless aspect.

  1. Nothingness manipulation

Known Users

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