Shizuka is a half-German , half-Japanese heiress to the powerful Einzbern Industries. She is also half vampire and witch. Shizuka was born on October 31st, 1990 to Sieghart von Einzbern and his 3rd wife Nedeshiko Matsuki. 
Shizuka Illyasviel von Einzbern


Shizuka Illyasviel von Einzbern


The Bloody Queen

The Nightterror

The Quiet Slayer






Lawful Good

Dhampir Form: Lawful Evil


Night Raid




To save the world from the Dark

Early Life

Shizuka was born on October 31st, 1990 to Sieghart von Einzbern and his 3rd wife, Nadeshiko Matsuki. Shizuka switches between her birth mother and her father, and never really had any quality family time with them. Since she was a young child, Shizuka has always worn designer clothing. Shizuka looked up to her father but he never was really there for her. When she moved to Tokyo, she was taken care of by her butler Jarvis Pennyworth and maid Kyrie Yayoi and she developed a very great bond with them throughout her time there.

Shizuka had a tough childhood because her father was always away on business and constantly marrying different women. To date her father has married 12 times since her mother. When she was a little child, her father did not attend any of Shizuka's plays in her childhood years because he was supposedly very busy.

She obtained her powers during the Dark Hour when her dhampir powers reacted to the Phantom Force's presence.


Shizuka is usually quiet and calm, but when she enter her dhampir form is becomes rude and reckless and sadistic on top of that. Due to being a vamp for devic for her Class the has powerful reality warping powers.


Shizuka has jet-black hair and frosted blue tips. She is 5' 7 and 108Ibs.


Image Subjection- Being a Devic Class she has the power to warp the world with her mind.

Personal Void- She can store anything inside of her Devic body.

Peak Human Condition- She has been trained since childhood to be an Olympic Swimmer.


Penetration & Protection-

Regenerative Healing Factor-

Enhanced Senses-

Subliminal Seduction-

Mind Control-

Indomitable Will-

Photographic Deduction-

Body Language Analysis-

Enhanced Strength-

Luck Absorption-

Powers when in her Dhampir form

Mystic Dhampir Physiology-

Fat Reduction-

Badassery Embodiment-

Absolute Restoration-

Martial Arts Intuition-

Morality Empowerment-


She needs to drink blood to sustain her vampire form.



Alex Masters-

Hilda von Einzbern-

Elizabeth Evans-



She embodies these tropes Shy Blue Haired GirlAloof Dark Haired girl and, ShrinkingViolet.

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