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Vital Information

Real Name: Carrie Jackson

Aliases: None

Age: 19

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goal: To protect innocents, help homeless kids and bring equality to humans and metahumans

Character Biography

Carrie Jackson grew up in a poor family, he father died when she was young and her mother's boyfriend used to beat her and her mother. When her step-father was beating her mother mercilessly, Carrie screamed at him to stop and suddenly he was pushed backwards and his nose and ears exploded with blood, he fell to the floor dead. Carrie ran outside and lived on the streets for 12 years, using her powers to steal from the rich, give to the poor and provide for herself until one day she was walking past a shopping centre and saw a group of superhumans battling a villain, she decided to help out. The group would become to be known as the Salvation Squad, of which Carrie as Shellshock was a part of.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ballistic Scream
  • Peak Physical Condition
  • Knowledge of Improvised Weaponry
  • Knowledge of Street Fighting


If Shellshock's mouth is covered her powers are rendered useless

If too much pressure is applied to Shellshock's throat her powers are rendered useless for a time

Shellshock is sensitive about her dark past and it can be taken advantage of in combat

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