Some of the most powerful Seer's don't need to use their eyes to see.

Known Seers


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A Seer, or See-er, is a magical practitioner that uses a form of magic called Divination. They are most commonly known for being able to see into the future, but are by no means limited to only the future. These practitioners can see into the past as well as over great distances.

There are two kinds of Seers. One kind uses a form of spellcraft to gain knowledge of other places and times. Some users of this form are naturally gifted with visions or prophetic dreams. Others still may require a small incantation to gain the ability. No matter which way the Seer learns with enough practice it would be impossible to tell the difference.

The second kind of Seer is one that uses tools to gain their knowledge. Some of the most common tools used by these Seers are Tarot cards, or reflective items like water or a crystal. There are literally thousands of forms of this type of Seer all with their own tools and practices. This kind of Seer rarely makes it to the same level as the first, but can be just as accurate if not more in their readings.

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