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He was an expert in medicine science and a married man. After his wife was killed, he sought ways to revived his wife anyway he could. After undergoing deep research found and practise sorcery. Although he grew into a adept at sorcery he could not revived his wife. He then became obsessed with the supernatural and killed all his way to revive his wife. He then learned that his wife was marked by the Omni-Being, so matter what he did he could not break the sealed. So he began killing high-tier supernatural beings to possess their powers so he could break the seal but failed. He then learned about the Primordial Evils and recruited them into the Sanctum which he leads to defeat the Alpha. He loss all interest in resurrecting his wife and now in being all power like the Alpha but was prophesied to be ended by Infinity.


  • Absorption: He has the power to absorb everything he wants about a person, thing or object and keep it forever or for future use.
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