Saya Inoue is Joshua's  childhood friend and neighbor. When she entered the world of Heromania  basically turned evil. She waers the armour of the Blood Queen, Agatha.





Deus Ex-???


Subjective Reality- She can control

Stability Manipulation-

Shinso Physiology-

-Powers Via Her armour-

Enchanted Armor- Her enchanted armour, Queen's Edge, gives her various powers that makes her even more powerful then most Heromania players. Spatial Tuning- She is master of the digital world around her via her spatial tuning.

  • Property Manipulation: user can manipulate the smallest components of objects within their spacial plane.-
  • Spatial Displacement: Spatially move things within the space around in either a teleportation or telekinetic manner, or even more the entire space to another location.-
  • Body Dismemberment: user can slice and separate the body parts within the created space, manipulate and re-attach them to different parts.-
  • Disruption: user can make the their field distort energy or delay neuro-waves in the minds of people to disrupt abilities and even shut down technology.
  • Nigh Omnipotence: Only within her zone.

Whip Sword Proficiency- She uses her trusty whip-sword, Nightmare Fiction.



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