She is calm and quite and very serious when it comes down to anything.She has an younger brother named Atsui Homura who is her opposite.She is apart of Team Madara.


Calm and Cool and smart.


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She is calm and cool and polite and pretty she doesn't talk a lot though she is very talented at many things.

Radio Frequency Detection-She detect radio waves.

Zoolingualism-She can speak to animals and control them.

Radiation Absorption-She can absob any type of radiation and use it in battle.

Hyperkinetic Exertion-This power is rare and no one knows what it does so be careful if you fight her.

Character Manipulation-Because of her clan's Symbol Magic she can control Japanese and Chinese characters to do amazing things.

Supernatural Beauty-She has her own type of beauty that she calls 'Silent Beauty' this power is very mysterious no one understands what she means by this.

Soul Reading-


Ice Manipulation-

Thermal Manipulation-

Cryokinetic Combat-


Freeze Breath-

Enhanced Awareness-

Extrasensory Perception-

Omnifarious-This was her first power she ever had and she masterd it well she can do many things with this.

Remote Teleportation-

Danger Intuition-


She hates fighting weaklings

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