Concept: Street performer

Virtue: Dilligence

Sin: Wrath

Faction: Rebel fighter

Domain: Utopia

Magic: Fate

Nimbus: Masks around his belt cry blood

Physical Description

Salix is of average tall heigh, he wears a layer of brightly coloured clothing underneath his ornately designed metal chestplate. He wears one of three masks displaying the emotions of: Joy, Sadness and Rage underneath his hood. Salix also conceals blades that can easily be drawn, in his shoes.


  • Bronze dagger - Salix's primary weapon
  • Various other blades - Hidden in his shoe in case he loses his dagger
  • Masks - The faces of seven puppets that he had until they got destroyed


  • Mask Power - At the beginning of a fight Salix will choose a mask at random, if the mask that he chose was Joy he will not attack his opponent and will only defend himself to not directly attack the user, if the mask he chose was Sadness he will attack his opponent to knock them to the ground or out but will not kill them, if the mask he chose was Rage then his opponent is going to die in this fight.
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