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She's a hot cat princess.Who is also the princess of Tal'endow.She is the firt lieutenant of The Rebellion.She knows something that can change the tide of the Chimera War but is afraid to tell anyone because it might endanger her people.


The hell bakeneko is not only a bossy and arrogant she's the princess of Tal'endow.She is a belvolent leader with feelings for Calix Fudo what she can't admit to him be she is afraid of what he will say to her when she tells him her feelings so she acts big and tough.



  • Shi-wsu: Saki's only female jing-shi that uses hand to hand combat like a pro.
  • Max Kazuma: An Ice elemental jing-shi that is very loyal to Saki and is literarily.
  • Cherry: Max's friend from when he was alive now resides in a stuffed teddy-cat/bear thing?But when called apon he turns into a living breathing talking walking fruit humanoid.
  • Boa-Tao: Was a living weapon until he died protecting Saki from Ichimaru Jackson's attack on her castle.Boa is an reptilian like chimera who is the best at hand-to-hand and weaponry fighting.


  • Kasha: either demon touched or demonic bakeneko, known for stealing corpses before burial/cremation.
  • Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat): bakeneko with Luck Bestowal and generally benevolent personality.


  • Calix Fudo-She gas a crush on Calix but to shy to admit it to him.
  • φDrake Hellsing-Her father was once apart of the I.I.A and was the captain of φDrake's cell.So she respects him.


  • She can't swim
  • She can't summon her Jing-shi when in salt water.
  • Is physically more powerful but refrains from using all of her strength.

Trivia or Request

  • 'Saki' means summer hope.
  • 'Natsuki' means far away.
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