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She is an freshmen at the all boys acadmy called Mura.She wants to be closer to Atsui Homura.She was trained by Texas Law an master phantom.She is an fan of Team Madara.


She is tomboish and nice and becomes nervous around Atsui.She is an close friend of Dotōmaru Raikiri.


Omnitone-She can mimic any type of sound even spells.She uses this to change her voice to sound like an male's.

Peak Human State-She is at the pennical of human physique.

Jactitation-She can become jumpy but this is an power that she never used before.

360-Degree Vision-She can see all around her 360'degrees.

Healing Kiss-Her kiss can heal people from anything.

Ambition Manipulation-She has great ambition she can use for attacking and defending,

Killing Instinct-As an test in her Physical Education Class she had to kill an Werewolf with no weapons at all.

Lactose Manipulation-She can control all types of milk like an weapon.

Psychic Program-She can program herself for any task if she did said task before.

Omnicompetence-She can solve any matter with ease.

Bubble Generation-She can make various types of bubbles with various abilites.

Lexiconicy-Any word she knows she can manifest it into the actual world.

Demonic White Light-Being part yokai she can use this white demonic light to do amazing feats.


  • When around boys she is nervous so she can't blend in easly.
  • She is weak compaired to most females in the story.
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