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Sapphire sphere

The sapphire sphere in (Japanese's means Safaia-kyū) which is a level 2 power technique created by the master himself Master Ruì'ān. Most techniques will take a student to learn a move within a year or two, however it will take IOR shūkana few seconds as he could accomplish the power without restraining himself to the breaking point, but it was eventually accomplished by him even without any other power-up chakra such as Safaia still puts this dangerous move in the highest top ranked class. Although users generally learn how to form the power with one hand it weighs about it would require both hands.


The safaia-kyu does take up much of the user energy power and it doesn't need to rely on a different technique just to balanced this or control energy substances. Once it is complete, it becomes self-controlled, which does not give the safaia-kyu a definite limit like its counterpart, the safaia which is a 100 based enhance chakra. Whomever uses this the power will be boosted up 30% of the power

learning and instruction

The instruction were to catch a blue ball and throw it back and fourth until that person felt a magnetic sensation within their palm. Next instruction were to visualize the blue ball and imagine on the other hand as an image inside that persons head until they see energy beginning to construct.

Evolution of Safaia-kyū


Energy gathering.


Energy discharged.


Phoenix Safaia-kyū in which this new develop technique was shown later in the series as Non-canon

energy power:

The purpose of this energy power is to, eventually, put all the ninjas' characters in order, by raw physical chi and chakra power. This also result in increasing the users body with attacks which includes any artificial augmentation of strength and alter-egos that will amp up the users potential.


The safaia-kyu is formed when the user grabbed his right arm while moving in a circular motion, since Basic Chakra Techniques. can be obtain with the users hand, and requires some-time to charge.


Name:Sapphire sphere

Basic Chakra Techniques.: Throat Chakra

Energy usage: 25.00%

Level of categorization: Advanced level

energy power: 1.5

class: 2nd

energy Cost:60

weight: 80lbs

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