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Ryu is the personification of domination.He is the next in line for the


Dragon Physiology-He is an a demigod son of Xia-zhu that is an Copper dragon.

Supernatural Beauty-He's so handsome that even youngsters call him big brother.

Enhanced Preforming Arts Skills-He is one of the best singers/dancers in Izanagi Wonderland.

Pyrophasing-He can turn into fire and phase through walls and ice.When he phases through walls[or anything they get burnt.]

Bombardment Pyrotechnics blast-He can shoot an lava-blast that explodes 10 times.

Caustic Beam Emission-He can shot an corrosive beam that makes metal brakedown or oxidize.

Tartarus&Juanus portal-This is an rare Ärmè that allows the user to make an portal to Faust.


He is weak against ice

He can keep his dragon form for long periods or he'll turn in an Leviathan dragon.

He can't see at night.

Fear weakens him.


  • Ryu means dragon in Japanese.
  • Tartarus is the god of the void in Greco-roman mythology.

Juanus god of doorways in Greco-roman mythology.

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