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George Peter Smythe (Rover)


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To explores the world

Rover is an explorer seeking adventure. He has contacts with criminal organizations and intellegence agencies across the globe.


George Smythe was born In the USA. His father was unkown and his mother died during birth, he was raised an orphan. At school he had a "knack" for locating things and socializing. His abilities got him many friends and since he was the top student at his schools, he was very popular with student and staff. Many thought he had a great future a head of him, but when he turned 18 he joined the French Foreign Legion. Smythe left after serving for seven years to become a freelance mercenary.


Smythe is a calm and polite person. He is also straightforward with his clients, always wanting to get to the point. He is loyal to his client and will help them until his mission is completed. He is known for his charisma with foreigners and, moreover, the ladies.

Abilities Powers

Omnilingualism: He is able to automatically understand all verbal and non-verbal communication. This helps him cope in any country he is in or with people he is talking to. This works on animals to.

Enhanced Condition: His strength, durability, agility, senses and other physical skills are superior to other humans.

Intuitive Navigation: He can track people, places, or things with this power of his mind and create mental maps of an area.

Social Intuition: He is able to interact with people. He can tell exactly what to say to interact with certain people, or tell the rank of a person within a group. He has an innate sense of the psychology of the people he encounter, allowing him to psychically discern how to calm subjects down, settle arguments and otherwise interact efficiently, with as little violence, arguing and irrational behavior as possible.

Martial Arts Master: He is a master of two forms of both kung fu and karate and also an expert in ninjutsu.


He has standard human weaknesses.


Pistol: He carriers a handgun as a means of protection.


This character was inspired by the Traveler (Heroes)

His initials are GPS which compliments him, has his job is to locate people.

His hero name, Rover, means somebody who wanders from place to place, never settling anywhere for long

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