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Relative Omnipotence
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Two Outer Gods Discussing the Relativity of Infinity.

The Concept That

When one becomes infinite they merely enter into a higher level of existence, not ultimate power.

Relative Infinity Theory is a term of a hypothesis proposed by Adam. It's concept lies in the belief that once a being transcends to the point of where they have reached infinite existence, it does not necessarily conclude that they have become invincible or even fundamental.


Transfinite Beings

High-tier Beings

Mid-tier Beings

Lower-tier Beings

Variations of Omnipotence

  • 1: The character has absolute omnipotence. As in, nothing can challenge them, and they can literally do anything and everything, logic and causality be damned.
  • 2: The character is omnipotent. They can break even logic and causality to achieve anything, but there are others who can do this as well (sometimes they're The Anti-God). What happens if they go against each other can be a massive Mind Screw.
  • 3: The character can do just about anything that's logically possible (i.e. virtual omnipotence), or at least appear to, thus making sure Magic A Is Magic A in the process. This type of omnipotence is also more frequent than the above type to have multiple characters that operate at this level. The term nigh-omnipotent is often thrown about at this level.
  • 4: The character is omnipotent within a field or concept. Specialized omnipotence, if you will. Anthropomorphic Personifications are almost guaranteed to display this with the concept they embody.
  • 5: The character is "merely" an almighty being, whose power is far beyond any other in the setting. For practical purposes though, they're basically omnipotent.
  • 6: The character has achieved Unity with their own universe, subsequently encompassing everything in their universe.


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