Reiko Bravo is the youngest of the Bravo Trinity.He has Absolute control over his existence and he can heal people with just a touch of a finger.He trained Charity Tsunami.The Black Dragon Queen killed him for treason against his own country.He and Gonzo Bravo can't stand each other.


He is peaceful doesn't talk much but when it comes to fighting I'd want him on my team.


  • Master of Telekinesis
  • Absolute Existence-He controls every aspect of his being.
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship-He is great with any type of sword.
  • Hiiro-His sharp hooksword that can cut just about everything.


  • He can only use so much energy at a time so he needs to constantly recharge his chi when it gets low.


  • Charity Tsunami-He trained her.
  • Xia-zhu Bravo - Xia-zhu knew that Reiko be the one to give all the secrets that Gonzo didn't already tell to other countries.So in turn he Told The Black Dragon Queen.
  • Gonzo Bravo - He and Gonzo always fought for the right to be the leader of the trinity.
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