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Red Blaze




He and his brother Corosis were actors in their latest movie the X-men where he was acting as Pyro and his brother was acting like iceman. When Professor Iroko activated his nuclear weapon to the defeat a small fraction of the Kar'sh Dynasty, it cause a supernatural effect on few people on Earth including the brothers. He had received Pyro's attitude, alignment and powers while his brother received Iceman's properties. After his brother joined the S.M.M. and he was fighting the Order of the Shard interfered and aided him so he could joined their group which he did. He then renamed himself the Red Blaze was the archenemy of his Corosis.


  • Pyrokinesis: He had the ability to manipulate all forms of fire.


  • Pyro-Blaster: This is a mini-flamethrower built in within his armor to help control his powers.
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