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Representation of The Spark of God

Raito (ライト, lit as Light) also refered as The Spark of God by the Christian Community it's a magical element, used by Lucifer in order to eliminate the flaws of the Darwiniser.


This magical power, was given by the King Arcturian to grant healing powers to anyone who had the title of Pope. This element was owned by Pope Francis.

Seeking of the Perfection

When Lucifer heard this, he went straight to the Vatican to steal this element to complete the prototype of the Darwiniser. Arriving first thing he did was demand Raito, but the Pope reuse, and could only be carried by a pure heart, and his heart was pure evil, allowing absorb it, and therefore killing the Pope.

All Ready

Once the Raito was in Lucifer's body he use a part of it in order to improve defintely the Darwiniser.

The Last User

When Lucifer was destroyed, the Raito was seriously harmed, as energy, the Raito wasn't destroyed only was transfered into a new hoster, Brian, who wasn't pure of heart. Being impure, somehow the Raito is permanently adhered to him, giving to Brian giving a Darwin-Gene, which allows him to manipulate other Darwin-Genes.


  • Pope Francis (Deceased, stoled by Lucifer)
  • Lucifer Mercury (Deceased)
  • Brian Gigena
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