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She is the personification of greed she has an sizable bust and blode hair but she mimics the form of an boy.

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He has dark skin and is 5'9" with an black hoodie and black camo cargo pants his eyes are green do to his various visions which include Aura Vision,Infrared Vision,X-Ray Vision, ElectroMagnetic Vision,Telescopic Vision and Night Vision


He is greedy but he can surpress it to become an sadistic persona of an girl of an young age.


Divided Mind-He has an female's mind inside the same body as his.

Spatial Tuning-

Infinite Digestive System-He can eat a lot even whole planets because of his greed he can eat whole planets he can even inhale objects an spit them back at you.

Monetary Manipulation-He can fight with money and call it to him and use it as an shield or make an tsunami of coins and make platforms out of it.

Greed Empowerment-He gains power from greedy people.

Greed Energy Manipulation-He is greed so he can control the orange energy people put out when they're greedy making weapons out of it.

Illusion Manipulation-He can make greed based illusions.

Subconscious Manifestation-He can make your greed based dreams come out to the surface.

Undead Physiology-He is half stien half zombie and he can leave his body to become an spirite he can use Connective Tissue Manipulation to take off his body parts and fight with it or make tentacles out of it and he has an 2nd Heart.

Elemental Beast Form-He can turn into an Raiju and he Electricity Manipulation an if bored he has Mind Exchange which last for three hours he can move at the speed of light with this.

Contract Bestowal-If you have greed inside of yyou he can give you your wildest dreams but you become filled with rage and you become an fallen but after an while your rage leaves and you are an fallen and you become his minion.

Arrogance Inducement-Like the vice Marvel he can make people feel pride he can control the Darkforce with this he can even make people hate you with this and he has Diplomatic Immunity with this and Law Manipulation.

Absorption-He is greed he wants more of everything he can chose what he absorbs like organic/inorganic matter/dark matter/anti-matter energy of all kinds history and powers and memories.

Aura Manipulation-He can manipulate his aura to fight and make weapons out of even empathy and emotion manipulation and induce greed.


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