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HNI 0092 MPO

This is the first prototype of Drake Hellsing.

He is the first ever prototype of any type of a Mecha cast neamed ProtoType.He is the void.


Transmorphic Composition-He is the vois so he can make his body into an hard steel-like material to cut almost everything asunder.

Hindsight-He can tell how an event could have been avoided after it happens.

Knowledge Replication-He can replicate any and all knowledge he sees but unlike Avery he can get info from anywhere out of nowhere.

Technological Assimilation-He can asorb all type of technology in his body and use it.

Social Cloaking-He lived peacfuly for years in limbo and in the omniverse without anyone knowning he was an mecha cast.

Nanite Manipulation-He was the creator of the newer models of nanites so he can contol them.

Gain information of one's strength.-He knows everyone's power level.So it's hard to beat him.

Strong Force Manipulatio-He can distort the bond of atoms and cange their combination to make differnt elements.

Psionic Inundation-He can send strong psionic waves into an person's mind causing mager damage to them.

Power Distribution-He can give [Worthy]people powers forever as long as they're good.

Spatial Mimicry-He is the void's personification an can't get hit by many people.

Sensory Scrying-He can see through all types of mecha cast in the omniverse.


He can short circut at any time.

He can't fly for long amounts of times.

He can only see through robots with his sensory scrying.

He can only manipulate newer models of nanites not older.

He only mimiciks the void but he can get hit by Avery Vulcan, Xena Vicaris and Jace Van Alcard.

He can only give worthy people powers.


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