Primordial demons are the first demons ever. There also some of the most powerful only being exceeded and equaled by demonic half breeds.They are the arch enemies of Leonardo demiurge, Except for limbo


Primordial demons were once gods that were cast down to hell for there crimes after being turned into demons.Each are served by lesser demons and hellspawn. Each primordial demon controls it's own circle of hell, and each circle is at war with one another as well as with heaven, Except for limbo who is only at war with heaven.


They mostly have the same powers but each one has some certain sin they control[said sins is what got them sent down in the first place],They can force someone to commit this sin however if they want there soul they can only strongly urge to do said sin.They are named after one of there sins and their powers include.

Nigh omnipotence: They can do almost anything.

Sin manipulation: certain sins per demon.

Whether manipulation:

Advanced level reality warping: Reality warping to the point where they can manipulate physics.

Shape shifting:

Nigh omniscience: They know almost everything.

Demon creation:The can create demons but this is limited to lesser demons that center around there sins.

Hell fire manipulation: They can use this to kill lesser beings.Including lesser demons.


Mother of the stars: Can easily kill them.

Gods: Can overpower them.

Other primordial demons: Can overpower them.

Hellish weapons: Can kill them.

Heavenly weapons: Can kill them.

Abyss: can easily kill them.

Known primordial demons.










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