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A highly defensive power that protects the user by preventing his enemies from using abilities known to him while bestowing upon himself absolute immunity from these same abilities.


An ability that enables a multi-powered superbeing and everything in his immediate vicinity to become completely unaffected by the effects of any or all abilities he is currently in possession of. Depending entirely on how it is utilized, this ability can make it impossible for other abilities to induce any significant effect on the user (including every element from his environment no matter how minute or massive) if that same ability happens to be under his possession, command, or influence.


Power Vanguard acts as the perfect counter measure against opponents who copy/mimic abilities or carry the same abilities as the user. It has two types of effect:

  • Self Immunity (affects the user) - Each and every ability that the user of Power Vanguard is in possession of cannot be used against him by anyone else. A direct and incontestable form of protection, this type of perfect immunity protects the user from every opposing ability so long as it is also held by him. 

  • Power Dominance (affects surrounding area) - Along with Self Immunity that affects the user, Power Vanguard also puts into effect Power Dominance. A zone projected around the user, any opponent caught inside its area of effect is prevented from using any ability that is also possessed by the user. Inside its relatively limited area of influence, Power Dominance's effects are all un-bypassable.

Every effect gained from or imposed by this ability is subject to the user's full control which virtually eliminates any possible mishap or disadvantage from it's use.


  • Limited by the abilities the user and his opponent(s) is in possesion of.
  • The 'Power Dominance' effect can become limited by its area of effect.
  • Created by Doomweaver solely for himself, the use of this ability is absolutely and exclusively limited only to him. Even if an opponent manages to get possession of Power Vanguard it will not activate for them.

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