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Megahumans or Potentisapiens, are a race composed by the descendants of the Indigo Protogenoi. They all have unique powers.

Common Traits

  • Advanced Longevity - They only age like normal humans, until the get 16 years old. Afterwards they age twice or thrice more slower than a human being would be.
  • Abnormal Phyisiology - All of them, have anime-like hairstyles and sometimes colors. In some cases they have elf hears or horns. Other cases their eye colors change. Another unique trait of them is that they could metabolize amazing amounts of radiation. Also they can survive into space, but they can't breath on there. Once they get emotionally agitated, they produce a very unique hormone called: Mana.
  • AR Gaze - All of them, possess the ability to see an augmented reality. This ocurres when a specific radiation, that changes their left eye's color into hot pink color with a blue part in the the left corner of the iris. If the Megahuman in cuestion is excited enough, the things they could be seeing in AR could turn real.
  • Law of Highlander - The Law of Highlander, states that 'The can be only one'. Meaning that it could only be one or more powers exclusive for each person, similar one perhaps, but never the same power on two or more individuals. Of course there some exceptions.
  • Power Soul - Once there's enough of Mana, a Megahuman can access some special move, that is far beyond the user's power. This is divided and categorized by the next types:
    • Valor
    • Mystic
    • Instint
    • Hero

List of Known Megahumans and their powers


Magycklof are the Potentisapiens, that instead of having superpowers, they have magic. They share the same common traits as the normal ones (Including the Law of Highlander, but excluding the Power Soul).

List of Known Magycklof and their magics

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