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Omnipotence counteracts omnipotence.

–Astriedax, Ever Realm

Also known as the Astriedax Effect, it refers to the paradoxical aftermath resulting from the interaction of two or more omnipotent entities that exist alongside each other. Somewhat related to the Omnipotence Paradox, it states that the omnipotence of one counteracts and limits the full extent of another's omnipotence, ending with neither one overpowering the other.

In this context it can be argued that in the presence of another omnipotent entity, omnipotence ceases to be what it is - the power to be above and beyond all.

Named after the arcanist Felman Astriedax, he believes that omnipotence acts as a natural deterrent against itself and that nothing inside a respective universe or domain can be fully omnipotent in the presence of another just like it.

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