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Vital Information

Real Name: Lance Wallford


Age: 15

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goals: To protect innocents and to bring equality to humans and metahumans

Character Biography

Lance Wallford always wanted to be a superhero, he developed metahumans when he was 13 and was kidnapped by Genecorp, he trained there for years before being broken out by Syndicate, they took him back to their base and tried to use his powers in their technology. He used his powers to break out and tried to find the Salvation Squad so that they could help him, they took him in as one of their trainees and he eventually become the leader of the junior team, the New Metas.


Quite commanding but cares about his friends, excellent leader.

Powers and Abilities

  • Matter Merging - Phase can ingrain his molecules within other objects or matter, becoming them or making them part of him
    • Stone/Metal Merge - Phase can merge with stronger materials to enhance his strength and durability, and to form blunt or sharp melee weapons
    • Air Merge - Phase can merge with the air and move it accordingly in order to travel faster, mimicking teleportation/flight, he can also spreadthe moleulces of his arm though the air in front of him but keep his fist the same, throwing long distance punches
    • Phasing - Phase can merge with a physical obstruction, travel throguh it and reform on the other side
    • Burrowing - Phase can merge with the earth and move his molecules into different areas of it
    • Weapon Merge - Phase can merge with firearms and pull the trigger with his ingrained molecules
    • Disintegration - If Phase is merged with an object too long, the molecular bonds will become unstable, he can accelerate the process mentally
    • Matter State Manipulation - Phase can merge with an object or substance and use his own molecules to push the atoms and molecules of that object or substance, causing molecular vibration evoking melting or evaportation, he could also do the reverse and hold the molecules in place, casuing condesnsation or solidifcation


  • If Phase is bonded with an ally for recon purposes for too long, they may be damaged or even killed
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