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"You are the leader of the Young Guardians, are you not?"

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm the leader, because I would not consider my friends to be my underlings."

Patrick Donovan was the unofficial leader of The Young Guardians. He was the son of Martha and Michael Donovan and the older brother of Tara Donovan.

Personality and Traits

Patrick Donovan was a caring person who valued the well-being of those around him. He greatly dislikes it when innocent individuals are abused by the corrupt and would do whatever he could to help those in need, such as when he saved Tinisha Dolaira from a group of muggers. Despite the considerable power he had at his disposal, he attempted to maintain a sense of modesty. When Patrick accidentally burned Brick Baxter alive, he feared what he was capable of and was, at first, reluctant to use his abilities at all. He was very loyal to his friends and strongly believed in equality amongst his comrades and did not consider himself the leader of their group despite the public's opinion. However, even though he had a generally decent demeanor, Patrick carried a powerful hatred towards the school bully, Brick Baxter, who tormented him and his friends on a daily basis. When Brick Baxter became Cyber Shadow and murdered Patrick's parents, Patrick's hatred towards Baxter was exacerbated. Before he became neohuman, Patrick was a social outcast who was shunned by his classmates, which resulted in a sense of isolation even though he had his friends for companionship. His isolation was worsened when his sister was murdered by a mysterious assailant and he was pushed to the brink when he learned of his parents' deaths. Patrick was also in love with Tinisha, willing to do whatever was necessary to make her feel comfortable with living in the modern world. Tinisha commented that, despite his youth and inexperience, Patrick was wise beyond his years and he would often engage in philosophical conversations with the High Elf. He was a devout believer of Tinisha's ideals of justice, hoping to follow her principles to make the world a better place.

Powers and Abilities

After being exposed to the Genesis Spell, Patrick gained potent fire-based powers, which included:

Dragon Fire Manipulation: Patrick is able to manipulate and generate fire that is hot enough to melt metal. When he draws strength from his anger and hatred, the inferno he generates takes the form of a dragon of golden flames. The reason to this, which Tinisha pointed out, is because the fire that Patrick creates is the same kind of fire that dragons breathe, which could potentially reach temperatures equivalent to the surface of the sun.

Heat Vision: The first power Patrick demonstrated was the ability to generate powerful beams of intense heat that was hot enough to nearly cremate a human being, such as when Patrick unintentionally immolated Brick Baxter.

Heat Absorption: Patrick has the unique ability to absorb any form of heat to augment his physical strength, durability, and stamina to superhuman levels. The effects of this ability seem permanent and Patrick would gradually increase his strength as he continues to absorb heat. The overall strength he gains is considerable, since he was able to nearly defeat the powerful Cyber Shadow one-on-one. However, if Patrick is exposed to a form of heat that is intense enough, then he would enter a berserker rage, making him a danger to himself and everyone around him.

Taiven Form

During the final battle against Fanoxean, Patrick achieved a state of ascendancy called Taiven. While using this form, all of Patrick's powers are explosively augmented, able to fight Fanoxean competently even though he was assisted by his fellow Young Guardians. Examples of his amplified abilities include:

  • Greater Heat Vision: In his Taiven Form, Patrick's Heat Vision was greatly increased to the point in which he could temporarily injure a being as powerful as Fanoxean.
  • Greater Durability: Patrick's physical durability increased to the point in which he could easily survive a fall from hundreds of stories high unscathed.

Apart from having his original powers augmented, Patrick's Taiven Form also granted him additional powers and weapons as well, which includes:

  • Sword: Patrick's Taiven Form granted him access to a sword that was manifested by his own power. With the use of this blade, he could generate overwhelming tidal waves of fire that are capable of causing great devastation in their wake. However, when Patrick first acquired the sword, he did not possess any swordsmanship skills or experience and at first relied on the raw power the blade created.


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