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LAPD (Formerly)

Fanoxean's Minions


Human (Formerly)

Monster (Currently)


Destroy the Young Guardians.

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Parker was an police officer of the LAPD until he resigned and became a minion of Fanoxean.

Personality and Traits

Before his resignation, Parker was a devout man of the law, who did not tolerate vigilante justice. However, when the Young Guardians first appeared and were legally authorized to be superheroes, Parker was one of the few police officers who did not approve of their existence, seeing them as common vigilantes and a perversion of everything the police department stood for. When he realized that the Young Guardians could not be removed from duty, legally or otherwise, Parker resigned in disgust and sought other methods to get rid of the Young Guardians. This obsession made him in league with his accomplices, Mitch Baxter and Mason, and eventually turned him into one of Fanoxean's minions.

Powers and Abilities

Monster Physiology: After becoming one of Fanoxean's minions, Parker was able to transform into a crab-like monster with a set of formidable abilities, such as powerful pincers, thick exoskeleton, and lashing tail. His arsenal also includes:

  • Dark Energy Bolts: By channeling negative energy into his large pincer, Parker can unleash powerful blasts that carry enough to injure Derek Marvin, one of the Young Guardians' most durable members.
  • Regeneration: Like all of Fanoxean's minions, Parker possesses considerable regenerative capabilities. His accelerated healing is such that he could instantly heal from multiple fatal wounds he sustained from his skirmish with both Derek Marvin and Triple Ace. Derek Marvin noted that every time Parker regenerates, his physical strength increases and his exoskeleton becomes more durable. However, his healing defenses have one major weakness: decapitation.

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