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The ability to transcend any-and-all origins without restriction. The absolute version of Self-Transcendence and Causality Manipulation. A variation of Boundary Manipulation. Sub-power of Cosmic Otherness

Also called

  • Origin Defiance
  • Self-Severance
  • Unconfined Origin


Users possess the ability to overstep origin of any kind or form, whether their own or that of others. Users so elude mere causality that the point of their own origin becomes nothing but an inconsequential force no longer necessary for the continuity of their existence. Furthermore any action made by them is forever excluded from any limit or boundary that result from their origin or the origin of others.



Known Users

  • Black Haste
  • Doomweaver
  • Jake Stunn
  • Lecter - The first born of the unknowable Ex Nihilo, Lecter St. Vicious came into this universe because of this ability. Now he is less and more than the being responsible for his existence. Finally able to interact with the rest of the universe, Lecter is sure to remain even if his progenitor and all his brethren is made undone.


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