A hawk born from a kite

–She says this about herself when she fights Nefertari Uondarando Shirahoshi to teach her that she is great with out the ultimate gem

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She and Dream acomppany Marvel and 2-D on their journey to save the world from Lord Bolder.She is an young ninja but she is forrmidable.
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She is an Phoenix in an human form she the most powerful member of Marvel's team.


She is allways serious and on gaurd so don't try to fight her when she's mad.


Enhanced Intelligence-She is very intelligent she can remember anything from sense she was born to the present she knows all of Lord Bolder's weaknesses.She even learned how to be an ninja in three hours.She can read anyone's body measurements in a few seconds.

Magnetism Manipulation-She can control magnetism and all things magnetic she even has Magnetic Levitation floating even flying sometimes at the speed of sound.

Law Manipulation-She can defy all known laws to help her fight giving her Logic Manipulation and Physics Manipulation even Creation and Destruction.

Mind Control-She can control people and all types of creatures with her mind

Energy Blades-With these powerful slices she can use Spatial Slicing and cause serious damage but she uses huge demon shurikin to fight.

Enhanced Swordsmanship-She is an master at swordplay she can fight with any type of sword she wants to.

Robot Arm-She has an robotic arm that is an Gun Arm and Chain Projection because there is a chain connected to her fist and she has Enhanced Strength she can also blast green lasers out of her palm.

Phoenix Physiology-She is an phoenix in human for she can use Fire Breathing and if she dies she has Ash Resurrection to bring herself back she can make smokescreens by the ashes generated from the attacks she uses Ash Manipulation she can use Vorpal Sharpness Manipulation to make the ash sharp enough to cut steel and she fly and she can use White Fire Manipulation because she had a lot of training time to learn it.

Endgame Technique:Yomigiri-This is an fast cut that rips your body asunder.


She needs a lot of rest to fight at full power

She is weak against water


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