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The Magic Circle is a common form of magical control.

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An Omni-Arcanist is a type of magic user that strives to learn all forms and types of magic in all of their variations and uses. Very few being have the means or capability let alone both to achieve success in this type of venture.

Other types of Practitioners

  • Seer- One who uses magic as a gateway to see places and times that should not be possible. A seer uses Divination magic.
  • Alchemist - One who studies, uses, and manipulates the properties of plants, metals, and various other materials in existence. Alchemist use the pseudo-science Alchemy.
  • Mage - One who uses the energy present in the landscape to bring about magical effects. Mages are most commently known for using lengthy ritualistic magics to reach their goals i.e. (Circle Magic).
  • Sorcerer - One who uses their own energies to achieve their magical means. Sorcerer's are known for using (Linguistic Magic).
  • Vodouists- One who uses spirits to achieve their magical goals. A person who practices Vodou. This type of magic generally uses ritualistic type spells.

List of Omni-Arcanists

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