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The ability to emit an existential field of absolute inconceivability that shield from any type of mental ability.


An existential state wherein the affected person cannot be brought up in other people's mind to be pictured, thought of, or even imagined. Meaning anyone with this ability suddenly becomes an absolute enigma completely alien & unthinkable to anyone who tries to imagine or picture them in mind. In effect, that person who has this ability (& with practice even their surrounding) is rendered unaffected by anyone or anything that has something to do with any type of mental abilities (e.g. Telepathy, Mind Reading, Telekinesis & Power of Imagination) or anything similar to that extent.

Applies the absolute inversion of omniscience to the perceptability of the user's existence.


  • No one, mortal or god, telepath or not, can ever bring you into mind.
  • Renders the user's existence and with practice even his environment unaffected by any power of related to the mind or imagination.
  • Severely weakens the mental link between opponents and their abilites whenever the user is around.
  • Makes the user nigh-impossible to target (How can one attack someone they can't even think of?).

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