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Vital Information

Real Name: Yami Kage

Aliases: None

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goals: To bring down Genecorp

Character Biography

Yami Kage grew up in a highly religious area in England, her powers manifested at a young age when she was angered by what she thought was religious stupidity, tendrils of darkness formed in her hands and threw someone into a glass cabinet. They sent her of to a covent so that the nuns could 'cleanse her soul of the devil', after s while she got tired of the convent and ran away, she was a prime target for Genecorp  but they realised they couldn't trick her with the offer of help, she was too stubborn and independant, so they just tok her. They performed various experiments on her to discover how she could turn shadows into a tangible matter state but they had no luck. She managed to escape using just her powers and sheer force of will and joined the team Gene Retribution, however this was a challenge for her as she prefers to work alone.


Angry, fiery temper, stubborn, independant, does not work well with other's

Powers and Abilities

  • Darkness Manipulation - Nyx can psionically pull on the shadows made by physical obstructions and also the complete darkness of the night
    • Shadow Constructs - Nyx can pull shadows into various shapes including claws, blades, whips, tendrils and waves
    • Shadow Teleportation - Nyx can wrap herself in shadowsand dissipate herself and others though them
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