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She may look nice but she'll kill you in an blink of an eye but she does have an nice side when around Avery.She has feelings for him.She is also the forth and last main protagonist of The HeroXVillain short story.

She is the mother of all evil and she needs a lot of chi to maitane her body so she takes over the bodies of beautiful weomen and she needs the power of Anastasia to stay alive she looks young about earliy twentys because this is her new body she toke.She usually induceses lust in all beings.She loves to drank.She usually is called The Domanatrix because of her bossy nature but if lucky you can see her crying over the fact avery is dating Xena Vicaris.She will stop at nothing until she gets her hands on Anastasia.


Unexistence-She is the personification of unexistence she can make things unexist and bring back things that were gone.

Alcohol Affinity-When she drinks she gains super speed, super strenght and pain surpression.


Nnoritora Miku Hazama(sometimes called Rei Miku)




Miku Rei


17[the body at least]




164 cm


50 kg






Bust: 87 cm(E), Waist: 57 cm, Hips: 89 cm


Mop Handle, Nightstick, Springfield M1A1 Super Matc

Power Bestowal-She may be mean but if you gain her favor since she is an deity she'll give you powers to try to defend yourself against her but you'll die any ways.

Power Detection-She can sence your powers and determine your power level in an blink ofan eye she can even read you body to see what your hiding.

Volcanic Fields Manipulation-She has thing for Avery Vulcan's dad so she copied him and now can control volcanic fields making volcanos explosde and even make lava sprout out of any where she wan'ts.

Benevorous-She gains powers from the good in the world and not many people like that fact she can't be destroyed at all by anything like Avery Jace Van Alcard, Hugo and Anastasia

Ascended Physiology-She ascende into an higher form of beinging giving her the power to control females bodies sence she doesn't have one of her own any more and she also can create her owen dimission from this power.

Atomic Vision-She can see your pressure points and even can block your powers for long periods of time.

Power Negation-She can temporarly shut down your powers if she kisses you then your screwd because then all of your memories are hers now then she takes your power.

Size Manipulation-She makes herself into an massive monster and become even more powerful calling herself Devic:Tera she can crush an planet with one hand when she grows.

Sephirot Empowerment-


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She can't create what is not

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