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Publisher :

Ant Studio

First appearance :

The Buttery Fly Effect

Created by :


Counterpart :

Jojo Achimu

Species :

Human / Alchemist

Place of origin :

Future Earth X

Team affiliations :

The Resistant , White & Black lotus

Notable aliases :

Windy , King cobra the 3rd , Turtles

Abilities :

Magic , Blood Magic , Divine Magic , Symbol Magic , Linguistic Magic , Spatial Manipulation , Omni-Magic

Speech magic :

Seishin-teki : Psychosomatic Illusion , Shouton : Animate / Reanimation , Bajutsu : Transmogrification , Kouton : Undead Manipulation , Naginatajutsu : Summoning or Teleportation , Enton : Shapeshifting , Shakuton : Magic Absorption

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Another day , another win

–You Monster , Let ' s see what you got .

Level 100: 50000

Necromancer : Level 80 level : 9,212

Magic pow : 18,372

Speed : 5,922 (+916 Vit)

Super Novice: 99

Ninja skill : not available

Skills : First Class

Multi history

Jojo Achimu First appear in Ninjutsu #30 the buttery fly effect in another alternate demension as fighters from the weakest to the strongest from all over the world has entered the great 50th annual tournament the best fighters from all over the universe. About 20 years ago Turtles traveled after the defeat of The phoenix. During the untold story between issue #28 and #29 he set priorities to become a better Ninja and to learn new powers and Techniques he joins the clan fire dragon of shaolin he was second rank to this ninja name Kato meshin the black and white belt Turtles later develeop this new technique ..The fire dragon Shinobi-iri and Kato was always one step ahead of him he learn the super fire dragon shinobi-iri

fire dragon shinobi-iri vs super fire dragon shinobi-iri


The Great Anubis story

After the defeat of Turtles and so .. he took a breather outside until this mystery elder in a trench coat appeared infront of him and hands turtles this map to the inside and outside of the great pyramids and there's a red X marking a certain spot in the pyramids. so turtles travled to the pyramids and he set his see this neckless of a mystery God. he put on the neckless and red aura spawn all around him but doesn't see the mask anywhere to become fully complete.

A729268235c7b333a065f68dea4d50d51227148794 full
59 seconds before tournament begins turtles was feeling a bit of a headache and his aura was begining to show it true colors jojo new ninja skill that learn for the great master Kenzi the ability Sense of Strength he was able to sense something horrific deep down in his consciousness ready to take control of turtle.before the tournament begin turtle went to the bathroom then his neckless glow these magical words turtle in some weird way enchance the words then the masked of anubis appeard on his face then he took the mask off and put it in his pocket.


Alter ego :

The Great Anubis

Species :

Human / deity

Team affiliations :

Ninja Academy - white lotus - red dragon

Partnerships :

The Raccoons - Reptile clan - and The Amphibian

Notable aliases :

Jojo jr - jojo - king cobra the 3rd - phoenix boy - Kayo

techniques :

Super duplex, Burning Knuckle , White lotus leaf healing , fire dragon shinobi-iri, super fire dragon shinobi-iri , nature whip fire whip ,

LV :


Power level :


Battle LV :


Ninja skill:

Second Class

  • Red aura
  • Turtles Comes back even more powerful.
  • Anubis Neck less
  • Mask of anubis
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