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Vital Information

Real Name: Joshua Trexlar

Aliases: None

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Race: Human

Goals: To watch over the human race

Character Biography

Joshua Trexlar was an astronaut whose station had been destroyed, he floated for days but as his oxygen began to slip away he was rescued by a race of cosmic caretakers known as the Empyreans, they explained that the Kraken was going to destroy London and then the world but how they could not leave the planet, they imbued Joshua with power from the Celestial Flame, the Empyrean power source. They sent Joshua back to Earth, he stood with Pantheon Gold to defeat the Kraken and stayed with the team.


Mysterious, usually misunderstands people

Powers and Abilities

  • Celestial Flame - Nimbus can access the Empyean power source
    • Flight
    • Super Strength
    • Super Durability
    • Holy Fire Generation
    • Holy Fire Manipulation
    • Holy Fire Constructs - Nimbus can can create holy fire weapons that burn through evil energy and beings
    • Divine Wind Generation - Nimbus can summon holy winds that blows evil energy and beings away
    • Sanctification- Nimbus can make a certain area pure and evil energy and beings can either not enter it at all or not enter it without being damaged
    • Healing
    • Morality Sense - Nimbus can sense good or evil in beings, items and energy
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