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she actually an android

She's an android made by Chrome Krone Gii Krone's she is apart of the Alburn clan.She is the only female in Mu who doesn't have beautiful figure.


She acts like a mom to Her brother Andrè Alburn and her step-brother Calix Fudo.


Cyber Mind-She can store a lot of data[memory] in her database brain.

Durable Body-She can take 3 direct hits from an nuclear warheads.

Density Manipulation-She can change the density of her body so she can be 30Kilos[66 pounds] or extremely heavy.

Gun Ärmè-He soul-bound weapon that is in the shape of a plasma sub-machine gun.It can shoot an infinite amount of bullets like a shoot-'em-up games gun.

Chi recharge-She can recharge the chi in her body so she doesn't have to sleep.

Super Strength-She can shatter your bones with one punch.


  • She can't get shut-eye[recharge her rechargeable life cell] when in battle.

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