He is an Beast Sword with the power to control ambition.


He has a selfless and chivalry like nature making him the ultimate knight.


Aura Manipulation-He can manipulate his aura to do various things like attack or defend.

Ambition Manipulation-Via Avery Jackson's ambition and will he can make a ultimate-defence or super-sences even the power to make people pass-out with a single glance.

Holy Fire Manipulation-He can create and control holy fire with various traits and powers this fire hurts only those he want it to hurt.

Strong Soul-His soul is unusally strong soul and will that cannot be broken or controled be any type of magic.

Shard Manipulation-He controls diamond shards to fight with in various ways.

Power Replication-He can replicate any power and keep said replicated power forever.

Elemental Transmutation-

Strong Force Manipulation-

Physical Restoration-

Magnetism Manipulation-

Bone Manipulation-He can control anyone's bones and use them at will making weapons or regrowing them.

Metal Breath-He can breath out sharp metals that do a lot of damage to objects around him.

Squall Breath-He can breath out powerful winds and pressurized blast of air.

Reactive Adaptation-Under any threat he can adapt to said damage to survive it.

Vector Manipulation-He can control vectors at will to help him fight with ease and taking out ten Yomi at once.

Telekinesis-When in perfect Sync with Avery Jackson he can use telekinesis.


  • Dark energy makes him go into a primale rage
  • Dark elements


His name means 'Resounding'

He was used as a character in Beta Testing.

He's one of the only sword beast that isn't made for something but he calls himself Ambition.

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