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How troublesome

–To whoever bothers him while being lazy

Namikaze Tobirama






No one knows




Has none but the other Vice he is good but lazy






Just to be lazy and to use the infinite Gaze on the moon

He is an lazy guy who hates fighting.


He very quiet and lazy but when in battle he is talkative and fast no one ever beaten him in combat.


Door Projection-He is lazy so he uses doors to fight and move around with.

Enhanced Senses-He has good hearing and good sense of smell he has touch and taste so good he can fell the evil energy around an area.

Puppet Mastery-He uses an puppet to do his work when being extra lazy but he can also use you to fight your friend.

Enhanced Vision-He can only see the Aura around people and in Infrared.

Pressure Point Intuition-He knows a lot pressure points in living and inorganic things he can cause you to die if he hits the right one but he rather cut off your chi and knock you out.

Enhanced Speed-When he is not being lazy he most extremly fast breaking the sound barrier if he wanted.

Chronolock-He unlike the other Vice he exist outside of time and space.

Spatial Tuning-He like wrath can control an spatial feild.

Flammable Blood-His blood is that of fire so if you do fight him hand to hand and mannage to cut him the blood will burn him.

Vector Manipulation-He can change the vectors in an object to change it's corse this can automatcally activate if he is in an battle with another Vice.

Homing Effect-He can give his attacks the homing effect so they never miss and he doesn't have to fight them in an running battle.

Fortress Physiology-He has an mini army inside him to do his battles if the enemy is weak.

Matrix Generation-His domain is an world of very own creation so he in omnipotent inside of it.

Enhanced Athleticism-Normally lazt but when in battle he moves like David Beckom he uses that fastest Flash Step ever.

Spatial Mimicry-He is made of the void so he can just turn to that whenfighting people who can get through all of his defensive techniques.

Fourth Wall Awareness-He is aware of the fourth wall so he knows that he is in an story so that's why I chose to make him sloth.

Force Field Combat-He can make force-feilds to help him gain time to fight off enemies.


He is lazy so he doen't do much...


Namikaze means 'Waves and Winds' refering to how lazy he is.

Tobirama means 'Doors' refering to how he moves with doors

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