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He was the leader of The Rebellion until he sacrificed himself to save the whole planet of Mu from an invasion of the Bor'ag.His wife is The Black Dragon Queen and his son is Calix Fudo.He was a great person to hang with and that's what he is remembered for the most.


He was always making up wild tales about him saving the world to tell to Calix.But when it can to battle he was legendary.


  • Gamma-Gamma is his soul-bound weapon that gives him the power to control radiation.
  • Radiation heat-He can leave blistering radiation burns on people with Gamma's radiation powers.
  • Radiation Explosion-He saved the world with this power turning himself into an radiation explosion destroying all of the invadeing ships.



  • He could die from radiation poisoning.
  • He could die of over using his chi.
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