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This is her basic form

She just loves her music and can dance forever.Her red eyes scare people just by looking at her.


She is joyful and fun but can be serious at times she is no idiot when it comes to battle.


Musical Empathy-She can control the emotions of people with her music and gain power via music she lissons to.

Musical Empathic Projection-

Siren Song-She has an aluring song she can mind control you if you hear it.

Performance Art Intuition-She is an great dancer and singer she even act so good she can fake her death.

Force Field Combat-She fights with force fields to protect her from attacks

Lexiconicy-She can write down any words and make them appear.

Soul Morph-She can ahsnge her form by fusing her soul with another one.

Video Game Mechanics-She has all of this and more

  • Life-Force Manipulation like chi via games such as Street Fighter or Dragonball games.
  • Can gain super speed from games like Racing or Sonic games.
  • Use infinite strength from the games such as Hulk.
  • Use every single power from fantasy games.
  • Since there are virtually infinite games, there is virtually infinite capabilities for this power.
  • Can gain extra life when you need it most or give a extra life someone.
  • Can use cheat code from real game to trick your foes.
  • Gain in enhanced marksmanship like in every shooting game.
  • Can learn every fighting style in fighting games.
  • Gain Omnicompetence from strategy and RPG games.
  • Manipulate weapons in various weapon games.
  • Gain nigh-omnipresent by entering other video games at once
  • Mimic deities from certain games
  • Obtain a Head-up Displays for the world around them.
  • Create a cyber avatar for your own use.

TCG Manipulation-She uses the dataduller battle cards to fight you she can even copy you into to an card and make an doppelganger of you.

Weakness Detection-She can find you weakness with ease and disable your powers.


She is way too nice to enemies

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