She'a the new Queen of the Celtic gods.Avery Vulcan and [:Susano'O]] and Li-mei respect her deeply like a mom[Note Avery was raised by Morrgian and also note Avery,Susano'O and Li-mei are all in the same body].

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this is all of her powers.


  • Anger Empowerment-When enraged she becomes ultra strong striking fear into people.
  • Combat Empowerment-Each battle she is in she becomes stronger she even gets so pump she does some weird says the name of the attacks and taunts her opponents.
  • Corvid Physiology-She loves turning into a Raven even if it scares Xena when she turns into a Murder of ravens.She even takes on an half-human half-raven form.
  • Death Inducement-She can cause death in a thousand ways.
  • Earth Manipulation-Like Hera in Greek mythology she moved the land on which a beauty would live away from her husband.
  • Enhanced Charisma-Like Avery Vulcan and Noa Ota even Anansi she can persuade anyone to join her with little worry.
  • Enhanced Combat-She is a master at all types of combat.
  • Enhanced Leadership-She like Avery, Noa and Nèg can lead an army of millions if she wanted.
  • Fear Inducement-She's maen and sadistic but is nice to I.I.A members but to normal people she scares the piss out of them.
  • Fertility Inducement-Not only can see make land fertile she can make humans fertile.
  • Rage Inducement-She can make men and women alike fill with rage making them break up.
  • Rage Manipulation-She can control rage especially in men she can make them so wrathful they want bloodlust.
  • Shapeshifting-She likes taking the form of other women especially younger women.
  • War Inducement-She is so beautiful her betrotheds all started wars over her to see gets the grand prize--Her love.
  • Energy Perception-
  • Powered Form-She is an Magical Girl so she can turn into and Mini-skirt and Japanese uniform wearing magical girl.


  • She relies on Anansi too much so she can be lazy even asking you 'Are You Mad Yet?'.
  • She can be bossy sometimes even demanding others who are not even her shield[bodygard] Anansi.


Measurements Ht:145cm Waist:66cm Hips:56cm Bust:88cm

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