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Vital Information

Real Name: Morgaine LeFay

Aliases: Morgana Lefay, Morgan LeFay

Age: Approximately 1400 but appears in her mid twenties

Gender: Female

Alignment: Evil

Race: Human/Fairy Hybrid

Goals: To kill Britannia, inherit Excalibur and rule Britain

Character Biography

Morgaine LeFay was born to the human woman Igraine and the fay man Gorlois, however Igraine later went on to marry Uther Pendragon and give birth to Arthur who became king. Morgaine saw her mother's actions as a betrayal and killed her, believing that the throne was rightfully hers, Morgaine learned ancient and dark sorcery and became an excellent magician, she then used these powers in a forbidden arcane ritual to literally immortalize her soul. Because of this, she survives today and is still on a quest to gain Excalibur, the symbol of Britain rightful ruler and since it belongs to Britannia they have become sworn enemies.


Arrogant, manipulative, seductive, will do anything to gain power and is not beneath using anybody even family members as pawns

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic
    • Energy Blasts
    • Force Fields
    • Telekinesis
    • Elemental Manipulation
    • Cursing - Morgaine can curse her enemies with a countless number of ailments
    • Summoning - Morgaine can summon a host of vile creatures and objects
    • Illusion Generation - Morgaine can project mental images of anything, she usually uses this to change the appearance of her hosts to resemble her first body
    • Transformation - Morgaine can transform her enemies into animals and objects, when they are animal or hybrids they will serve her with utmost loyalty
    • Mind Control 
    • Necromancy - Morgaine can raise and control the dead
    • Spell Creation - Morgaine can create spells on the go using magic words
  • Fay Physiology - Morgaine is half fairy on her father's side
    • Plant Manipulation - Morgaine has minor control over vegetation
    • Animal Manipulation - Morgaine has minor control over animals, however they are usually afraid of her
    • Nature Affinity - Morgaine is stronger and heals faster in natural areas
    • Shapeshifting - Morgaine can shapeshift into any animal and still retain her natural intelligence
  • Spiritual Immortality - Morgaine's soul is completely immortal, whenever her body is destroyed her soul will simply possess a weak-minded being and she will use her illusional powers to permantley morph them into an exact replica of her original form

Weapons and Equipment

  • Staff - Possibly to channel her powers


  • Iron - Iron burns her to the touch because of her fairy half but it also negates her magic
  • If Morgaine's mouth is covered of her throat struck with sufficient force, some of her power will be rendered useless
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