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Avenge his brother's death.

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Mitch Baxter is the younger brother of Brick Baxter. In an attempt to avenge his brother's death, Mitch, along with his accomplices, Parker and Mason, summoned the entity known as Fanoxean over to twenty-first century Earth. As a result, Mitch and his accomplices became Fanoxean's pawns.

Personality and Traits

Mitch Baxter is a very vengeful and unforgiving youth who is consumed by a powerful hatred towards those who wrong both him and his family. Upon learning of his brother's conversion into a cyborg and subsequent death, Mitch declared a vendetta against Patrick Donovan and his team. However, despite his overwhelming bloodlust, he knew full-well that he could not achieve his revenge all by himself, so he sought the aid of other individuals who wanted revenge against the Young Guardians as much as he did. Mitch Baxter also possesses a keen interest and extensive knowledge in the occult and supernatural, evidenced by how he managed to summon Fanoxean over into our world through the use of an elaborate ritual. After acquiring his demonic form and abilities from Fanoxean, Mitch developed a more arrogant side, which was demonstrated by when he attempted to kill Patrick Donovan. In his last moments, Mitch still clung to his uncompromising hatred towards Patrick Donovan and bitterly expressed his emotions to Patrick before dying.

Powers and Abilities

Monster Physiology: The primary power Mitch Baxter possesses after becoming Fanoxean's minion was the ability to transform into a monstrous, four-armed humanoid. In this form, Mitch demonstrates frightening abilities, such as:

  • Multiple Arms: In his monster form, Mitch has four arms, which make him deadly when it comes to a fist-fight. Each one of these arms possess considerable strength, allowing him to completely overwhelm Patrick Donovan's superhuman durability.
  • Regeneration: Mitch has amazingly efficient regenerative capabilities that allow him to survive seemingly fatal injuries, such as a broken neck. What makes this capability even more terrifying is that (similar to the Hydra in Greek Mythology) whenever Mitch loses one of his four arms, two more regenerate to take its place. As a result, Mitch's arm arsenal would continue to grow and grow as more of his arms are lost, making him increasingly more deadly as a battle progresses. Strangely, while Mitch's regenerative powers work with his arms and upper body, it does not work on his legs, which, for unexplained reasons, do not grow back once they have been lost.
  • Dark Energy Beam: In addition to his potentially limitless arms and accelerated healing, Mitch also has the power to release crimson energy beams from the eye on his chest. The force of these beams are such that it completely overpowers Patrick with one shot.

Weaknesses: However, the eye in his chest is Mitch's greatest weakness. If the eye is destroyed, then he will die and the dark powers he was infused with would disappear.

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