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Vital Information

Real Name: Tyson MacKenna

Aliases: The Explosive Boy

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman/Mutant

Goals: To bring down Genecorp, protect innocents and control his powers

Character Biography

Tyson Mackenna was very popular and sociable, he got good grades, was in a band, had many friends and was the captain of his school rugby team. His friends and himself had no problem with this and even thought it was cool, until his appearance started to change as well, he became and outcast and eventually met a Genecorp representative who claimed that his innovative corporation coud help him. But Genecorp just accelerated his metapower and made them unstable, taking away Tyson's greatest hobby, interacting with other people. He joined the team Gene Retribution who helped him control his powers, ironically though, this instability that Genecorp induced would contribute to bringing them down once and for all.


Sociable, friendly, wise-cracking, however quite insecure about his appearance and unstable powers

Powers and Abilities

  • Induced Radioactivity - Induced Radioactivity seems to be the most likely explanation for Missile's powers
    • Flight - Missile can use his radiation to propel himself
    • Metal Mimicry - Missile can use his radiation to transmute his body into a metallic substance (Theoretically), this enhances his strength and durability
    • Energy Blasts - Missile can emit explosive energy bursts
    • Self-Destruction - Missile can cause his body to become hyper-radioactive and explode, this disperses his molecules however they form afterwards


  • Greater Energy Blasts - Missile energy blasts were powerful enough to destroy a helicopter
  • Radiation Absorption - Missile can absorb all forms of radiation
  • Greater Metal Mimicry - Missile can turn his whole body to metal and even the bodies of others
  • Greater Self-Destruction


  • Missile's destructive abilities can be taken advantage of in combat
  • If Missile's molecules are seperated after self-destruction, he cannot reform
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