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HNI 0091 MPO

She is the first Kampher model of mecha cast ever.

She is the first Kampher model of mecha cast ever made.


Ambient Resource Construction-She can make objects with her mind if the materials are there to make it.She can even bring things from other worlds to do this.

Aerokinetic Combat-She like Susano'O can fight with wind to boost their strength 100 fold this is her most offensive/defensive power.To an extent of making an hurricane punch.

Morality Empowerment-She gains some serious powers from good guys,bad guys and the neutral but no one knows the extent of this power.

Charged attacks-She can charge energy into her fist to release an powerful blow that is as powerful as Sam Vicaris.


  • Most of her aerokinetic attacks usually needs moving air around to use it.
  • Most things are hard to imagine.
  • Her charged attacks can't break through steel.
  • She can't work as fast as she did back then.


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