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Michael Angelous


Jacob Conners


  • "The Angel"
  • "Ghost"












to defeat the monsters coming into his world from the other world

Jacob Connor (aka Michael Angelous) is a human who gained a high amount of spiritual energy after visiting another universe


Jacob was an average student with moderate grades, until he had a dream of another world , when he woke up his skin was burning with blue flames, for what felt like minutes actually lasted for a few seconds. After that his natural abilities become better then ever. after a few days He is visited by a stranger who clams that the world he dreamed of was actually a Parallel universe. Soon he is told that monsters from that world is seeping into Jacob's through the Minds and Dreams of others. After an encounter with one of the monsters. Jacob dedicates himself to fighting the monsters escaping to his world. To protect his friends and family he changes his name to "Michael Angelous" which he thought up after creating ethereal wings mid-battle.


Jacob is laid back with a little too much time on his hands


  • Jacob's main ability is the power to absorb and control Quintessent energy which is the energy found in all living things from His World and the Parallel worlds
    • Jacob can move small objects with his mind
    • Jacob can convert his energy into any form, including Swords, Flames, and Wings
    • Jacob has minimal control over the elements
    • Astral Projection
    • Can use his energy to enhance his natural abilities making them twice as strong
    • His healing ability alows him to heal from injurys quickly
    • Can become completly imperceptible from people of his world


  • Jacob uses his Astral projection to create a psuedo form of himself everytime he is asleep, to create an alibi, and to prevent himself from losing sleep
  • the people of his world call him "Ghost" because to the people of his world he looks like a spirit
  • The name "Michael" comes from the Archangel of the same name


  • When he enhances his talents, he uses up twice as much energy. making him more tired and hungry
  • his healing ability does not work if he is exausted or if he uses his Astral Projection
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