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He waers an symbiotic suit that is silver and red and looks like an giant wasp.


He is an psycho and anti-social freak who is extremly smart but underestimates his opponents a lot.


Subordination Manipulation-As an powerful Mage he has the power to control anyone not with his normal mind control but by force with the rare Arm Umi this an give him hive mind.

Boundary Manipulation-He can control all the boundaries that exist in the omniverse he has weak grasp on omnipotence.

Mind Control-He can control an person making them do anything he wants them to do.

Mind Exchange-He cam switch his mind with someone else or switch one person's mind with an other.

Spatial Mimicry-He mimics the void and can become the void giving him Intangibility and he can put his hand inside of people then turn solid then rip em in two he Spatial Field which gives him spatial manipulation like he can switch your soul with someone else or crushing the world becoming 2-D or warp an area.

Symbiotic Costume-His cloak is made of some rare type of song arm that is an Parasite it gives him the power to do incridible things.

Endgame Technique:Freyr Dos-This endgame is one that cuts everything in the way of it but don'tt worry this move only works on a Vice.

Final Endgame Technique:Mind Destroyer Doom Weaving Dream Kill'R-This endgame is so powerful it was baned from using it ever but Mental uses this as an last resort it is an Self-Detonation move that kills the user as well it is made of pure evil so when it is used the user becomes good.


His mental powers doesn't work on those with a lot of Pride.

His mental swap wears off after hit


Magic Cane which gives him Logic Manipulation

Magic Hat which gives him Gravitational Singularity Generation and an Portal to his own made-up world.

Magic Cape which gives him Spatial Flight

Magic Shoes which gives him Speed Force

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