Megahuman Civil War
[[Megahuman Civil War|px]]
Vital statistics
Participants Megahumans
Humans (In the crossfire)
Date Unknown
Location Planet Earth (Specifically in United States, mostly in Los Angeles)

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The Megahuman Civil War was a major event in the humanity's history. It began when Lucifer Mercury and The Runaways fought, against Bradley and his team in Griffith Park, exposing the existence of people with powers to the rest of the world. And resulting in: The death of many people, the synthetic evolution of innocent people in which experiments were performed on them and the creation of Voorhees Virus.



Monsters of Darwinism

The Hunt


No More Sides

Back to The Game

The Last Stand



  • 杰 (The Heroes):
    • Bradley Jackson (Leader)
    • Malina Jackson (Support Leader)
    • Connor James Crighton
    • Ronin Charles
    • Blake Parker
    • John Steele
    • Phantom
    • Power Kid
    • Terra
    • Cisco
    • The Roman
    • Thunderbolt
    • Fumetsu Kensei
    • The Clairvoyant
    • Ralph
    • Gabe
    • Chichi
    • Boy Wonder
    • Technus
    • Iceberb Lad (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Mother Theresa (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Cerberus (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Rainbow Quartz (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Nimbus (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Metatron (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Boombox (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Surge (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Laser Man (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Bulldozer (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Hellhound (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Neo-Vortex (Formerly with The Villains)
    • Brainshock (Formerly with The Villains)
  • 凶 (The Villains):
    • Lucifer Mercury (Deceased)
    • Vulcanus (Killed by Connor)
    • Toto (Deceased)
    • Rocket Man (Killed by Malina)
    • Caleb Mercury
    • Harvey Mercury
    • Morgan Mercury
    • Spencer Mercury
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