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Megahumans or Homo Trascendent are the next link of the human evolution. They are humans with a unique genetic component called Darwin-Gene which gives them superpowers.


Their origin is the result of a time paradox caused by Bradley Jackson. Bradley accidentally, went back in time to the year 1 AD and, Finding a couple, the eye to say they planned to have a child, but they were worried what would the rest, and there, Bradley intervened. Bradley, came at night to the man's house while he slept, and so disgusting to him taking a semen sample, and as an additive he put Darwiniser in the semen sample, so the child would be a Megahuman, and then he went to the girl's house and injected the semen sample. The next morning, he went to see the reaction of the aforementioned couple, and it was then discovered that they were Mary and Joseph, and the child was going to have, it was Jesus, the Very First Megahuman of all the history. This time travel revealed that the megahumans are products of a time paradox caused by one of them.

Volume 1: Rising

Rise of the Hero

Since then they have been for years in anonymity, but that changed when a megahuman called Bradley Jackson, discovered on his powers after he was struck by lightning.

The First Real Superhero

Awakening of the Next Generation

This megahuman was the only one in his place of origin, but when he broke the rules of physics by creating a wormhole right through the space-time continuum, the same young innocent people caught and, during his stay in the wormhole, their DNA was rewritted and when they became into megahumans.


The Runaways came to Los Angeles to avenge Bradley by turning them into Megahumans, resulting in a battle in Griffith Park, killing three members of The Runaways and exposing to the world the existence of people with superpowers. The victims of that battle was: Rocket Man, Vulcanus and Toto (In that order). Rocket Man was cut in half at the hip by a razor wind of Malina, Vulcanus was stabbed in the chest and then cut his throat with a katana by Connor and Toto died by a uncontrollable nuclear explosion (Bradley teleported to Russia and use its intangibility to send Toto underground before he exploded stopping him from killing innocent people).

Volume 2: Synthetic

Forced Evolution

After the murder of Vulcanus, Rocket Man and Toto, Lucifer created the Darwiniser to create more megahumans for his evil purposes. He use Metatron to abduct innocent young people, to be used as lab rats. At the first sign of manifestation of powers of each of them, Lucifer's release in Los Angeles to receive training and then machinery the rest of his master plan.


Ralph's Hunger

Omnipotent Monster

The Fallen Villians

When Lucifer perfected the Darwiniser, he use it in himself, and acquired both wanted power, the ability to absorb and increase the powers of others, and use their new power to steal The Runaways' abilities, excluding Mother Theresa's powers (As he not seemed useful).

The Fallen Heroes

After taking the powers of his former colleagues, the teleport along with Bradley and his team, to draw your attention. After he self-teleport to where Bradley and his team are, he quickly steal the powers to Thunderbolt and Chichi. Ralph fought with all his strength and with all the powers of his team members (Excluding Bradley, Chichi, Ronin, Thunderbolt, Blake and Malina, but including Toto and Vulcanus), but in the end Lucifer steal each and every one of his copied powers. Then he remove the powers of Malina, Ronin and Blake (in that order), leaving Bradley as the last man standing but, that proved ephemeral as Lucifer use his Mega Lightning (Absorbed from Ralph, who copied from Mother Theresa) in an attempt to overload Bradley and kill him, but instead left him in a coma.

Resurrection of Justice


Lucifer's Silblings

Duel of Olympians

The Prophecy

Volume 3: Disease

The Chosen Ones

Argentinian Rogues

Erasing Abilities

Rouge Battle

The Ultimatum

Area 51

The Ultimate Pleague

Save the Future


Volume 4: Ancestors

The First Megahuman

The First Megahuman President

Made in Argentinan

Joining the Minions

Another Cure

Murder in the White House

The Purification

Volume 5: Extraterrestrial

Another Clone

The Worst of the Demons

The Hunt for the Power

The Blue Moon

Kill the Devil

Kryptonite of Megahumans

The Power Dealer

The Event

Megahuman Bomb

Another Kind of Megahumans

Volume 6: Destiny

Savage Powers

Feline Vendetta

A Message From the Future



These are the megahumans whose powers are associated with the manipulation of elements.


These are the megahumans which have psychic powers for example: Telekinesis or Telepathy.


These have the powers related to the interaction with other superpowers.


These have the powers related to science stuff, for example: Technopathy, Magnekinesis or Speed Control.


These owns powers integrated to the user's body, for example: Healing Factor, Enhanced Hearing or Underwater Respiration.


These have powers related to animals, for example: Animal Imitation.


When someone has more of one superpower which are from different categories, this type is called Chimera.

Enhanced Humans

Those which received thier powers synthetically, by organ transplant of another megahuman or using DarwiniserChikaraJobs Pills or Eisei.

Mystical Humans

Those which received thier powers through supernatural forms or other Megahuman gave them powers.


These are the ones who transcended beyond the limits of both their powers and emotional, and managed to evolve them as the point of having godlike power.

Known Megahumans and their powers

Non-Human Megahumans

These are animals with a Darwin-Gene, allowing them speak and have superpowers, also the strengths and weaknesses as the regular megahumans. The are nicknamed Meganimals.


  • Before they were exposed, this species used to be called Indigo Children or Transhumans/Posthumans.
  • The Synthenoids which couldn't protect themselves recived the Tsuyo-sa in order to give them self-protection.
  • Once power is absorbed and another is acquired, the Darwin-Gene adapts and becomes immune to Power Absorption.
  • Ralph/Jesus, Lucifer, Blake, Christian, Reese, Gabe, Martha, Chris Ferrell, Wilson, Kriby, Graham and Perry stole, copied, removed and/or transfered the next powers: List of Absorbed/Replicated Abilities.
  • The next Megahumans on the list:
    • Born with powers: Jesse Christian, John Doe, Bradley, Jacob, Jackson, Jackie, Carlos, Yuki, Zoe, Danielle, John Jesper, Patrick, Blaire, Boone, Cole, Walker, Homer, Kayla, Mason, Jupiter, Amanda, Heather, Donna, Uriel, Georgia, Wesley, Raymond, Reese, Cooper, Scott, Martha, Jerome, Edward, Nikolai, Nathan, Skyler, Harris, Will, Maddox, Frankie, Kate, Rene, Imogen, Jaxon, Dodger, Sue, Fletcher, Barton, Samantha, Roderick, Brooke, Rudy, Lincoln, Ortho, Parker, Sidney, Tanner, Rory, Chloe, Jaylon, Judith, Bethany, Alessandro, Ava, Dexter, Tyrell, Oscar, Eleanor, America, Turner, Briana, Leslie, Blaine, Grace, Mckenna, Hart, Carson, Curtis, Myles, Katheryn, Mick, Dominic, Jared, Mickey, Tracy, Harrison, Allen, Alexa, Kyle, Kimber, Roger, Gideon, Major, Campbell, Piper, Viviane, Adam, Eve, Alexis, Stanley, Bella, Paisley, Sariah, Paige, Jake, Billy, Micah, Kingsley, Bennett and Gary.
      • But, others born with powers because they are clones: Lucifer, Caleb, Harvey, Morgan, Spencer Mercury, Christian and Pariah.
        • Malina was a sentinent speed mirage manifestated from Bradley's psychotic break, later Malina managed to become, in their own individual that exists on its own.
      • Maxwill and Thalira, are the twin children of Bradley Jackson from the future.
    • Recived power when Bradley broke the rules of physics and create a wormhole who trapped people accelerating their evolution: Iceberg Lad, Mother Theresa, Cerberus, Rainbow Quartz, Ronin, Nimbus, Metatron, Boombox, Vulcanus, Surge, Blake, Laser Man, Bulldozer, Hellhound, Neo-Vortex, Brainshock, Rocket Man and Toto.
      • Brian, recived those powers as an user of the Raito.
    • Recived superhuman strength from the Tsuyo-sa: Carter/Michelle, The Roman, John Steele, Technus and The Clairvoyant.
    • Recived power from the prototype version of the Darwiniser: Kensei, Thunderbolt, Cisco, The Roman, Phantom, The Clairvoyant, Power Kid, Boy Wonder, Technus, Terra, Ralph, John Steele, Gabe and Chichi.
      • Nahuel, was injected with an imperfect version of the prototype version, giving him "Impure" powers, that killed him as his power was used (Which Nahuel couldn't stop it). But eventually Connor, bring him back to life.
        • Finlay received his powers as a result of a program to create a Super Soldier, based on a replica of the uncatalyzed Darwiniser used on Nahuel (Recreated by Reverse Engineering), that cheap copy gave him faulty powers, was not ready for use, but had to be used in advance, by the wave of murders of Ralph, the term end Ralph easily disintegrate him.
    • Recived power from the perfected version of the Darwiniser: Lucifer, Connor, Bailee, Donovan, Mariko, Harper, Jamie, Skye, Danielle and Jefferson.
      • Santiago recived his powers from a rudimental replica from Bailee's blood.
      • But other recive a mass produced replica of the Darwiniser made with the Connor's blood: Clint, Devon, Jonathan Madrid, Jonathan Angel Tiscareno, Josh, Thomas, Kenny Ramón, David, Marc, Rufus, Spencer L. Symons, Alex, Chris Bishop, Timothy, Cameron, Abby, Rachael, Chris Ferrell, Tyrone, Clark, Jesse Nazareth, Jonah, Joseph, Wade, Thiago, Andrew, Hunter, Westley, Marshall, Sean, Aaron, Norman, Laura, Logan, Blaze, Ollie, Aiden, Britney, Rachel, Reed, Riley, Casey, Avery, Perla, Eliza, Felicity, Ella, Dillon, Jo, Zachary, River, Apollo, Anderson, Graham, Neil, Ruben, Trevor, Douglas, John St. Daves, Archibald, Micah, Banshee, Howard, Oppenheimer, Jason, Klaus and Frankie.
    • Recived power from Brian: Lord Midas, Alfredo, Ulises, Santino, Camila, Emilio, Ignacio, Ivan, Stefano Rimoldi, Stefano Petracci, Chamille, Rodrigo, Franco, Nico, Leo and Dylan.
      • And also give to Boy Wonder: Heat Vision, Ice Breath and Super Speed.
      • And also give power to the next animals: Pandy, Seth, Perry and Wilson.
    • Recived cyberpathy from the Jobs Pills: Paul, Brian, Chavez, Maria, Andres, Tyrone, Cora and Neil.
    • Recived rapid cell regeneration from the Eisei: Pablo, Blaze, Juanita, Neil and some patients with terminal cancer.
    • Recived power via organ transplant: Kirby (A lung from an unnamed donant) and Liz Parkman (A heart from Carmen).
    • Bought their powers from Kirby: Nelson (For free), Phoenix, Emerson, Lance, Jordan, Anastasia, Quinn, Jayson, Lewis/Louise, Ortho, Grace, Connor, Bailee, Phantom, Power Kid, Jared, Tracy, Dolores and Nancy.
      • Wilson, Caspar and Abraham recived power because are Kirby's power containers.
    • Inadvertently recived power from Perry during an bisexual orgy in a Blue Moon night: Mia, Natasha, Willow, Zuri, Sabrina, Lydia, Mckayla, Emily, Rebecca, Samson, Milo, Tate and Tristan.
    • Recived powers from Graham: Jax, Sam, Barbara, Manny, Caufield, Gordon and Klaus.
    • Was gender swapped by Alexis: Jason, Eve and Emily.
  • The Megahumans possess the following common strengths:
    1. Mediumship.
    2. Immunity to all the diseases, the letal illnessess, like cancer, are manifested as a regular flu.
    3. Immunity to angelic/demonic possession.
    4. Space Survivability.
  • The Megahumans possess the following weaknesses:
    1. Voorhees Virus (Extint disease).
    2. A Solar/Lunar Eclipse, leave megahumans temporarily powerless.
    3. A Blue Moon, alter the Darwin-Genes, either disrupting, reversing or destabilizing them, but their effects disappear at the end of it.
    4. The Hawking radiation released from a white hole, can increase the powers of a megahuman making them uncontrollable. The same happens when a megahuman is injected with adrenaline.
    5. Those Megahumans who can control the flow of time, are able to freeze the others Darwin-Genes in time, making them powerless, and also suspend bodily functions thereof (Aging, healing, etc.).
    6. Meganite.
  • The following 5 megahumans are the most powerfull megahumans of all, commonly referred as The Alpha-Omega Gang:
    1. Bradley Jackson
    2. Blake Parker
    3. Ronin Charles
    4. Donovan Carson
    5. Ralph


  • When Ralph becomes Jesus, it shapeshifts, and his appearance resembles to The Great Red Dragon, from William Blake's painings.
  • Apparently the healing powers can affect the Darwin-Genes. For example when:
    1. Connor use his artificial power by first time and heal Ronin and Blake, their Darwin-Genes get modificated and they acquired new powers.
    2. Connor resurrected Nahuel, the negative effects of his Mutant Darwin-Gene, were corrected, and he received a new power.
    3. Alfredo was cured of Voorhees Virus by Connor's powers, his powers never returned, instead of that, a new ones got manifested.
    4. Bradley frozen the Darwin-Genes of Carter, Ronin, Blake and the Runaways, in time, they get reactiveted when Bradley and Lucifer used their healing powers on them.
    5. Trevor was cured from rabies by Connor's powers, his original power got lost, and he got 2 new powers.
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