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Divas Superus or better known as Megabreed, are the offspring of a Synthenoid and a Potentisapien. They would also be the strongest Megahuman variation.


Megabreed are the result of the union of other 2 Megahuman sub-species: the Synthenoids and the Potentisapiens. As their, progenitors they keep similarities with human beings. Of course, they have anime-like hair, and the common traits of both of them. Except they're immortal and invulnerable. Is practically impossible to even defeat. Of course if someone is able to hit a strike, even with their immunity to physical and mental damage, the won't regenerate. They may heal like a normal human.

They're considered the pinnacle of human evolution. They travel in a dimensional-traveling highly advanced tech citadel. In which, they travel from multiverse to multiverse, universe per universe, looking for someone good enought to fight against them.

List of Known Megabreeds and their powers

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